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All businesses owe annual property tax on their property. Business property includes your purchased equipment, buildings and supplies, but not inventory.

All businesses with business property exceeding $100,000 are required to file this statement, even if it is not sent to them. The County Assessor has the right to assess all businesses - so if you have business property less than $100,000 and receive a form, you must pay.

Forms to use  571-L Annual Business Property Declaration
Tax rateas  The tax rate is the same as other property tax: 1% of the assessed value (plus any extra tax approved after Proposition 13).
Due dates  The County Assessor will send you a property declaration form in February or March. You must report any business property your business had as of January 1st.
  • Record business assets you owned as of January 1
  • Submit the declaration form by March 31 or April 15, depending on your county.
  • A tax bill will be sent to you in July or July
  • The tax bill is usually due August 31
How to complete the form  We have included a sample Business Property Declaration form. Your county's form may vary slightly, but it will ask for the same information. The form usually has 5 parts:
Part I General business information - self explanatory
Back Declaration of equipment that you own
  • List the cost of your office furniture, computers, machinery, tools, etc. according to the date that each was purchased. Use your annual tax returns for the cost and year purchased.
  • These items must be put into one of six categories.
    • Machinery and equipment
    • Office equipment
    • Other equipment
    • Tools, molds, dies
    • Computers less than $25,000
    • Computers over $25,000
Part II Declaration of property that you own. Estimate the value of your:
  • Supplies
  • Buildings
  • Construction in process
  • Equipment out on lease or rented
Add the total equipment calculated on the back of the form and enter it next to Equipment.
Part III Declaration of leased property. If you have leased equipment or other items, you must show who you leased it from, the year leased, the year it was manufacturered, the annual rent, and the cost to purchase it new.
Signature Your signature
Online filing The counties are working to have one website to report all business personal property. Visit to determine if your county is participating. If it is, you can logon at:
If you don't receive a bill  If your business has over $100,000 in personal property, you are legally obligated to submit this return, even if the assessor never sent you a form to complete.
Questions?  Contact your County Assessor. The addresses and phone numbers are at